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If you are talking about the PS button, then all you have to do is repress the button again. If you pressed the button quickly, then it brought you to the menu that is show when you first start up your ps3. If you pressed down the button for a couple of seconds, then this brought you to a menu that should say quit game, controller settings, turn off the system, turn off the controller. If you don't want to perform any of these options, and just want to continue with you game, then all you have to do is repress the PS button. This will bring you right back to your game.

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Q: You touched the middle button on the ps3 controller how do you fix it?
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get a new controller

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You should try to uninstall it and then reinstall it.If it's a physical problem with the controller you're just not going to fix it.

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Although this may sound stupid, beat it off of a wall or table, but not too hard, you don't want to shatter the entire casing on the Dualshock controller

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I don't believe those are designed to be fixed, game controllers are usually considered disposable. Buy a new controller.

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Yes like GameStop and game shops can fix you controller

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To correctly fix a wireless xbox 360 controller simply refer to the service and user manual.

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Yes, if you take it in too a gaming store the store helpers will be able to me, I've had worse

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By purchasing a new controller when it is broken and does not work.