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Yes like GameStop and game shops can fix you controller

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Q: Can the game store fix an Xbox controller?
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How do you fix an Xbox game disk?

Take it to a GAME store they will skim it

How do you fix a wireless xbox 360 controller?

To correctly fix a wireless xbox 360 controller simply refer to the service and user manual.

How do you fix a Xbox 360 game that doesn't work?

i think you can fix it if you go to a store like gamestop and they will fix it

How do you fix a scrached Xbox disc?

Bring it to your local game store and ask if they fix scratched disks.

How do you fix tritton 720 buzzing noise when using xbox 360 wired controller on xbox?

You either buy a new xbox or a new controller.

Can you fix rings on xbox 360games?

Take it to nearest game store and depending how bad it is it will be 10 dollars

How do you fix your sprint button for black ops on xbox 360?

get a new controller

How can you get a ring off a Xbox 360 game?

bring it to the local game store depending on how bad it is they will fix it for around 10 bucks

How do you fix your xbox 360 analog stick?

Go to YouTube and write how to fix analog stick and go to amazon and order analog and a security Xbox controller screw.

What to do with broken Xbox?

If your Xbox is broken you can call Xbox Support maybe they cant tell you how to fix it. Or you can send it in a gaming store as some do fix it for you.

Will Gamestop fix a controller?

Gamestop is a game and accessory store, and mostly second hand at that. The chances are slim, but try calling one of the ones near you and asking.

How to fix Xbox games?

If an XBOX game has a few scratches, a paste of baking soda and water will help fix the problem.