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well ur out of luck.

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Q: You accidentally killed moltres Pokemon
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How do you catch sudowoodo if you accidentally killed him in Pokemon silver?

you don't

What is Moltres in Pokemon?

Moltres is a legendary fire bird on Pokemon

What Pokemon game do you migrate to get moltres in diamond?

you get moltres in Pokemon fire red

How do you kill moltres in Pokemon Colosseum?

Moltres cannot be found on Pokemon Coloseum.

What level is moltres in Pokemon HeartGold?

On Pokemon HeartGold, Moltres is on level 50.

How do you catch moltres in Pokemon Ruby?

Moltres is not in ruby only firered, leafgreen and Pokemon xd gale of darkness can get moltres.

How do you get moltres in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't get Moltres in Pokemon Crystal, Only in Pokemon Leafgreen and Pokemon Firered. Including Pokemon Platinum.

Moltres in Pokemon Red?

Moltres is in Victory Road

Where to get moltres Pokemon FireRed?

moltres can be found in the Victory Road.

Which Pokemon is better absol or moltres?

moltres obviously as it is a legendry

Where is moltres in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Moltres appears at Mt. Silver

How do you get to moltres in Pokemon Blue version?

moltres is at the victory road