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Q: You accidentally defeated Giratina can you get him again?
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Do you break the paintings in Pokemon platinum?

you need arceus,giratina,dialga,and palkia .If you accidentally defeated one of these, action replay will come in handy. good thing i have it!

How do you get a second chance of catching a legendary Pokemon that you accidentally defeated in Pearl?

You have to beat the Elite Four again.

Can you battle the Pokemon Palkia again?

Actually, it is possible to battle Palkia again if you accidentally defeated it on the Spear Pillar, you will need to beat the elite 4 again. Of course, it is impossible to battle it again normally if you captured it. Palkia will be on the top of Spear Pillar once more if you did not catch it the first time.

How do you get Giratina back if you accidentaly defeated it in Pokemon diamond?

If you saved it before you battled it, Turn the game off and battle it again. If you saved it after you beat it.. Oo... Tough luck, you cant.

In Pokemon Platinum how do you get past the distortion world?

You have to follow the three legendaries (Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf). They will show you little holes where you have to throw boulders in. Once you do that, you search for Cynthia. You and Cynthia will then find Giratina where you can catch it or make it faint. If you accidentally make Giratina faint, you can always catch him again later...

What do you do if you have defeated Giratina in Pokemon Diamond due to it not returning?

You can't do anything since there is no way to re-spawn Giratina in order for it to return in Pokémon Diamond once you have caused it to faint.

Can you catch a Giratina again after you relase it?

Yes you go back the reverse world and get it again.

How do you free azelf from gairentias world on Pokemon plantinum?

once you have defeated or court giratina they will be back at there lakes

How do you catch Giratina Pokemon pearl?

Giratina can be found in Turnback Cave at Sendoff Spring once the Elite Four have been defeated. You will need Rock Climb, Surf and Defog (optional).

If you've already seen Giratina but didn't fight him could you find him again?

yes but only in platinum. If you beat giratina you can find him again in turn back cave later in the game

Where does Giratina go when you run away from him or her?

he disappears you cannot catch him again if you do that

What do you do if you accidentally delete apps?

Download them again !