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You have to beat the Elite Four again.

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Q: How do you get a second chance of catching a legendary Pokemon that you accidentally defeated in Pearl?
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How do you bring back a legendary Pokemon if you killed him on Pokemon soul silver?

If you saved your game before catching the legendary Pokemon reset the game that way you can try catching it again.

What legendary pokemon is in lake valor?

The legendary Pokemon available in Lake Valor is Azelf one of the Legendary Lake trio. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

How do you get legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Black and White?

On Serbeii, they have a guide for catching all of them.

How do you catch a moltres on blue?

Catching Moltres on Pokemon Blue is rather challenging since it is a legendary Pokemon. A common method used for catching legendary Pokemon is lowering their health and then using a move that gives them the Sleep status. Once the legendary Pokemon is weakened and asleep they should now have the highest chance possible to be caught by a pokeball. Ultraballs are the main pokeball type used for catching legendary Pokemon outside of the Masterball since they are easily bought at pokemarts.

What do you do after you catch latios on HeartGold?

After catching Latios, you might want to focus on catching all of the other legendary Pokemon, for example, the roaming Latias and the roaming Raikou and Entei. After catching all of the legendary Pokemon, the only thing left to do is to fill your Pokedex, which is nearly impossible.

Where to find all legendary pokemon in pokemon deluge?

the legendaries can be found when you defeated all gyms

In heart gold if you kill latias can you still find her again?

yes & like all other legendary Pokemon beat the elite 4 to rematch any legendary Pokemon you ran from, defeated, defeated you or if it fled.

Whats in acuity cavern in Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon in there is a Legendary Pokemon named Azelf. So good luck catching her/him. -Camille

Can you duplicate legendary Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes, try catching a ditto, then a legendary pokemon. go to the 4th island, then to the day care. let them grow the legendary pokemon and ditto. then come back after some time to the old man outside and he will give you an egg which will hatch to your legendary pokemon.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon regice regirock and registeel on Pokemon Emerald without catching them?

Use Gameshark or Action Repley codes

Does catching the 200 Pokemon in emerald mean the legendary and starter Pokemon as well?

Yes and no. You do need all three starters, and you need every legendary except for Deoxys, Celebi, and Jirachi.

How do you get the leadgendaries on Pokemon pearl version without using cheats?

Trading, Migrating, Catching the legit legendary Pokemon in pearl, etc.