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there are 2 types of trees. a class and b class. b class has lots of cherubis and combees. That is where you can find munchlax. There are 2 types of trees but im not sure whch trees are which. I was playing platinum this morning and i found a munchlax in the tree between the cut trees around eterna forest. although i had been putting honey on trees for over a week before i found it so be patient- Andy Wall

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Q: Witch honey tree are you most likely to get a munchlax?
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What city can you most likely get munchlax on Pokemon pearl?

All honey trees are the same. EVERY honey tree, no matter where it is or what people may say, will give a 1% chance of a Munchlax.

Which honey trees can you catch munchlax on?

You can only find Munchlax on certain honey trees, referred to as Munchlax trees. You must then put honey on the same tree 3 times in a row to find a Munchlax, or else it's VERY rare to see one. A Munchlax tree is on route 205 by the Eterna Forest shortcut.

Which tree is most likely to find a munchlax in it if you slather it with honey in the Pokemon platinum ds game?

I've been lucky with the tree near the Pokemon mansion

Is it more likely to get a munchlax than an aipom?

aipom and snorlax r both very rare to find on honey trees, c aipom and snorlax both have the same percentage to find(20%)but, u also have 2 find the 1 honey tree they r most likely to be on

Where to chatch a munchlax in platinum?

Use Honey on a golden tree. The chance is VERY low... like 1% and I'm not exaggerating. What most people don't know is that if you don't get a Munchlax in a tree and you try again, the probability will go lower. Do it on AS MUCH trees as you have Honey. Go back to each tree exactly six hours after you slather honey on it. In Platinum, you can get Munchlax, Cherubi, Combee, Burmy, Wurmple, Heracross, and Aipom. Munchlax is THE hardest to get.

What Pokemon appear when using honey trees?

The only ones I know of are Wrumple, Silcoon, Munchlax, Apion, Brumy, Heracross, Combee and Cherubi (To find a Munchlax is very rare, though.) Try putting honey on a tree and see what you can find! :)

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