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no, they will not

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Q: Will they bring maria back to life on sonic x?
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In Sonic and the secret rings does Sonic like Shahra?

ummmm.... no.... As a friend, yes. He does enough to use his 2nd wish (from the Erazor Djinn)to bring her back to life.

Why did elise kiss sonic in sonic 2006?

Possibly because after she called to the Chaos Emeralds to revive Sonic, the Emerald's power gave her the power to bring him back to life, and so, she did this by kissing him on his lips.

Will sonic come back to life?

Sonic never died...

Is Sonic the Hedgehog dead?

Depends, because sonic died in sonic 06 but came back to life, but really... no.

When will Sonic the Hedgehog die?

He died from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) but he was brought back to life by using the Chaos Emeralds and a chant by Princess Elise. After time was reversed so that it never happened, so in a way he never did die!

Can you bring a leopard gecko back to life?

Sadly, no. You can't bring a leopard gecko back to life after it has died.

Can element 115 bring the dead back to life?

Element 115 can't bring the dead back to life.

How can you bring your venus fly trap back to life?

If it is dead then you just wont bring it back to life unless you have supernatural powers.

Can you bring your Pokemon cards back to life after there dead?

No you can NOT bring poke mon cards back to life I am a worker for Pokemon tcg

When did Sonic die?

Sonic died in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 when Mephiles impaled him with an attack from behind. But Sonic was brought back to life by Princess Elise and her wish on the Chaos Emeralds.

How do you bring dead people to life?

You can't bring people back to life if they are already dead.

Can you bring back a brain dead person back to life?