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There hasn't been anything announced yet, so probably not.

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Q: Will there ever be a StarFox game for Wii?
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Are They making a Stafox Game for wii?

From what I have seen rumors does have it that they are making a starfox for the Wii. But I really hope that its like Starfox Adventures that was the big one I mean that was the biggest starfox adventure ever!

When will star fox Wii come out?

Nintendo has not relised the info of when a starfox game for the wii will be coming but they are working on starfox wii.

Will there be another starfox game?

The Wii U is planning to release a starfox adventures 2, but nothing is known yet

Will they ever make anew starfox game?

they've made 2 or 3 new ones, for DS & Gamecube, maybe Wii I'm not sure

Is there going to be a Starfox Wii and or Wii U?

no its to old to make another one.

How many starfox games are there?

In total, the number of games released is 5. StarFox(SNES), StarFox 64 (N64), StarFox Adventures (GC), StarFox Assault (GC), and StarFox Command (NDS). The number of released games will reach 6 when StarFox 64 3D is released to 3DS. Of course, there are three other games that were planned and never released. StarFox 2 (SNES), Untitled StarFox game (Virtual Boy Tech Demo), and StarFox (Arcade) which was to be released with Assault. Not only that, but a Star Fox Game Watch was released in the early 90's, and Fox McCloud (and friends) have been in every Super Smash Bros. game to date.

What is the record score in starfox Nintendo 64 game?

The all time high score that I've ever seen was 3,718 hits

Is there a Twilight the movie Wii game?

There is no game for Twilight game for Wii. I acctually doubt that they'le ever make a Twilight game for Wii, or Nintendi DS for that matter....

Littlebigplanet ever on Wii?

No it will never be out for the Wii or any Nintendo Game Player

What is the best starfox game?

star fox 64

Are they making starfox shadows of lylat?

yes indeed they are making the game I am not lying. They have the tralier just go to youtube and put shadows of lylat and it will give it to you. Or if you want to look up more proof just go to shadows of to watch the interview with the creator. It is going to be the best STARFOX game ever!

What is the best wii game ever?

detective conan i vote for ever!!!!!!!!!!!