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Wii Fit is the only game I know of that has a step aerobic game on it. That game requires the Wii Fit board that comes with the game if you buy the package of board and game. Available mostly where ever games are sold, as well as

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Q: Is there a Wii step aerobic game available to buy?
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Are there any step aerobic games for the wii?

There are no official step aerobic game for the wii. However you can buy an aerobics step platform on the wii fit at On the wii fit there's an activities that you can use the step aerobics platform for a greater workout.

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How do you get last aerobic game on wii fit?

Run round the island a few times in the jogging game.

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listen to the song step by step on just Dance a wii game

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How do you get jogging on Wii?

That is a minigame on the new game "Wii Fit," available mid-May.

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