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Q: Will there be a sucker punch video game?
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What is infamous by sucker punch?

Infamous by Sucker Punch is a video game for the gaming console, Play Station 3. The game stars Cole MacGrath, who is a bike messenger in the fictional Empire City.

Who invented sly cooper is it chris cooper?

Sly cooper is a video game, the Game was made Sucker Punch Productions.

Who is Sly Cooper's game creator?

Sucker Punch

Is the movie sucker punch made from the game BioShock?


Will there be a sly cooper 4 video game?

Yes, the creators at Sucker Punch Productions are planning on adding a 4th installment to the series for the PS3

Why are they not working on sly Cooper?

because sucker Punch is working on another video game now after there done then they will think about working on sly cooper series

Who created sly Cooper?

Sucker Punch

When was Sucker Punch - album - created?

Sucker Punch - album - was created in 2001.

When was Sucker Punch released?

Sucker Punch was released on 03/25/2011.

What was the Production Budget for Sucker Punch?

The Production Budget for Sucker Punch was $75,000,000.

When was Sucker Punch Productions created?

Sucker Punch Productions was created in 1997.

Is there such thing as sly 4 cane of destiny?

yes ,if there is not a sly4 two things sucker punch led us on at the end of sly3 and i will never buy another sucker punch game