Is a video game considered a computer game?

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No, a video game is not considered a computer game. A computer game is considered a video game, however.

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Is a video game considered a computer game

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Q: Is a video game considered a computer game?
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Are video games and computer games both considered computer games?

No. Video games that are played on a console are generally not considered "computer games" because the game console is usually not considered a proper "computer." Both games are classified as "video games", however.

Are computer games considered video games?

Yes, computer games are considered video games, however, they are not.Video games are a console and television and/or handheld playing data from a game cartridge/disc, however, Computer games are specifically designed to be played on a computer using a disc/floppy disc and/or program, hence the name, "Computer Game."

Is an ipod game considered a video game?

Yes. its a video and a game.

How can you submit a video game to a video game company?

over the computer

Is Wii considered a video game?

No, it's not a video game, but you can play video games on it.

Looking for computer game design schools.?

University of Southern California is considered the top computer/video game design school in the country. there's also Rochester IT and michigan state.

Can you burn a video game on your computer?


Are computer programmers and video game programmers the same?

All video game programmers are computer programmers, but the reverse is not true.

Where can one purchase computer video game cards?

Someone can purchase computer video game cards from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of computer video game cards from numerous manufacturers.

How do you make a video game on your computer?

U have to have a GED in video game enginering lol

How do you get super smash brothers brawl on the computer?

You can't get it for the computer. It's a video game, not a computer game.

What was the first video game sold?

Released in November 1971, "Computer Space" is regarded as the first commercially available video game. Although it was an Arcade game, it was a breakthrough for video game production. "Computer Space" helped garner wider interest in creating/building games, game consoles and better early PC based titles where it was considered a niche category before.

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