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You can,t.

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Q: How do you hook a video game console to a computer?
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How do you hook your console computer monitor?


How do you modify video games?

You buy a MOD and hook it up to your computer and "Modify" the game.

How do you hook up a video camera mini dv?

you have to get a memory card and hook it in the computer

Will my Nintendo cartridges work in a Game Cube?

The Game Cube console does not play the older Nintendo cartrides. You can hook a Nintendo game boy to the console and play game boy games.

How do you hook a computer through a video game system like a Xbox 360 and play it on a tv?

I think you have to get a special Tv. or computer. or perhaps a USB scart cable.

Could you hook up speakers to a brightboxe projector?

No, it has audio inputs, not output. You would connect the speakers to whatever your source is (your computer, game console, DVD player...)

Why people are hooked in a computer games?

because computer games usually have online features. and you can don't have to hook up a console.

Will my computer's S-Video adapter hook into my HDTV?

Yes -- most HDTVs have an S-Video input.

Can I hook up a external monitor if my video card is not working?

While you can hook up an external monitor to your computer if your video card is not working, it will not display anything.

How can you get the amazing Spider-Man now?

Get a USB hook it to the computer go to website real time record it on USB then hook up to wii or other console

How do you hook up rock band microphone to wii?

Plug it in from the back of the console. You can also use the mic for your computer.

Can I purchase something to hook my tv upto my computer?

You can usually hook up your TV to your computer via a S-Video cable, though you'll also need to hook up audio as well.