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Emulators can not use wifi outside the computer but it can hook up to another game by opening another link vba or no$gba

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Q: Does WiFi work on Pokemon heartgold roms?
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How do you get the GTS to work on Pokemon?

you need a wifi conecter for it to work

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Does Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver work on a normal DS?

Yes it does

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Dang u are really not smart are you

Do nes roms work on SNES?

No, only SNES ROMs work on SNES. You need a NES emulator to run NES ROMs.

Ar code for pearl to change nature of caught Pokemon?

its i don't no its impossible to do that but it will work on pokemon HEARTGOLD

How do you get the WiFi headset to work for Pokemon pearl?

Ok,first plug your headset into your D.S.,then turn it on,go to wifi and there!Send me your wifi code and we shall battle

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Tap A when you can't get any closer to a waterfall.

I have a Patched Pokemon ranger 3 and wifi doesn't work anyone know why?

I'm guessing you live in a place with no wifi connection

How do you get groundon on Pokemon HeartGold?

If you have Pokemon heartgold, you cannot get groundon unless you trade with someone who caught a groundon on soul silver. PS- It has to be from the embedded tower, any migrated groundon will not work.