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Probaby so.Usually a master ball captures Pokemon with no problem...but soemtimes if the Pokemon's strong enough, it can and will try to break free.


You are wrong NOTHING breaks out of a Master Ball. THAT is why it is a MASTER BALL. You can use it on anything and it will catch it... it is the SURE capture Ball. That is why there is only ONE you can get in the story and the others are mega hard to get. (IE getting one through the Lottery.) And that is why you save it for something that is hard to catch like (in the original games) Mewtwo.

BTW Pokemon MAY TRY to break free but they won't.

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Q: Will raikou break out if you use a master ball?
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Should you use a master ball to catch raikou?

No! Get him in red and put him to sleep

What pok'emon do you use master ball on?

probably on mewtwo, suicune, raikou, or entei

What pokeball is the best to use on raikou?

The best Poke Ball to use on any legendary Pokemon is usually the Master Ball.

What is the best pokeball to catch raikou that is not a master ball?

an ultra ball. if its in gba good is one ,,cheat'' use b and down arrow.

What do you use the master ball on?

You can use the Master Ball on any Pokemon you want to use it on, but I would use the Master Ball on roaming Pokemon, since they are difficult to keep them in the battle without fleeing. The roaming Pokemon includes: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Latias, Latios, Mesprit, and Cresselia.

Where can you catch rakou in FireRed version?

you have the best chance of finding and catching raikou(or any of the legendary dogs) on route 1.(use your master ball. raikou can run away.)

Who should you use your master ball on in soul silver?

One of the roaming Pokemon ex. Raikou, Entei, Latios, Latias

In Pokemon firered which Pokemon should you use the master ball on?

You should use it on either entei, raikou or scuicune if you pick squirtle ull have raikou if you pick bulbasaur ull have entei and if you pick charmander youll have scuicune

In Pokemon soul silver do you need to use a master ball to catch moltres?

No. You should use your masterball on a wandering legend like Raikou, Entei, or Latias.

How to catch raikou in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After obtaining the national dex, beating the elite four and delivering the ruby and sapphire you can find raikou anywhere around kanto i suggest looking on Route 1 when you do find it use the master ball on it.

How do you get to catch raikou without a master ball?

get a high level Pokemon that can use mean look ,mean look keeps a Pokemon form running away or flieing.

How do you catch cressialia?

use a master ball use a master ball