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an ultra ball. if its in gba good is one ,,cheat'' use b and down arrow.

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Q: What is the best pokeball to catch raikou that is not a master ball?
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What pokeball do you need to catch raikou?

A master ball ,ultra ball or fast balls etc.NOTE:Raikou flees a lot

What poke ball do you need to use to catch Raikou?

any kind, i used a pokeball

What pokeball to use to catch hoho?

master ball.

What pokeball is the best to use on raikou?

The best Poke Ball to use on any legendary Pokemon is usually the Master Ball.

What pokeball should you catch moltres in?

a ultraball or a master ball

What kind of pokeball can you use to catch registeel?

a quick ball or a master ball

What is the best pokeball to catch Mesprit with in diamond version?

A Master Ball

Hints of catching raiku?

If you can't catch Raikou with a poke ball, great ball, or an ultra ball,.. try catching it with a master ball. it may be very expensive but once you catch Raikou its worth it .

Easiest pokeball to catch three legendary birds in platinum?

The Ultra Ball is the ball with the highest catch rate after the Master Ball.

What type of pokeball would you recommend to catch regigigas besides a master ball?

dusk ball

Can you use any other pokeball besides a master ball to catch Rayquaza?

You can use any pokeball unfortunately it has a low catch rate so it can be difficult to catch it even with a ultra ball

Who do you who is the master ball for in Pokemon LeafGreen?

to catch suicune,mewtwo,raikou and entei