Will any one give me a premium minecraft account?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Will any one give me a premium minecraft account?
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Is there any premium account for minecraft?


Are there any premium minecraft accounts you can play on?

I play on my own, everyone is welcome to get their own premium Minecraft account.

When you buy Minecraft does it do it for the account you have or that computer?

It is your account that is made premium. You could log into your account from any PC that has the Minecraft client.

Does any one have a premium Minecraft account?

About six million people do.

Is there any other website where you could buy minecraft?

No, only can upgrade your account to premium.

Are there any hidden fees in minecraft?

No, once you paid for the premium account, that's the only time you need to pay.

Does anyones have any premium minecraft accouts?


Does it cost any money to register a account on minecraft tekkit?

Tekkit itself is completely free and requires no registration however you are required to have a premium Minecraft account to use the official Technic launcher regardless of whether the server is "Online" or not.

Does any one want to give you there minecraft premium acout free my Hotmail is nicholas was

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Can you give premium membership to other members of steam or TF2?

You cannot pass on your premium membership to someone else, but you can buy (for $5) a premium membership item in tf2 and then trade it to someone (or you could give them $2.5 and tell them to buy any item of that value, for example a key. This will also make them premium and it is cheaper to do). Making a TF2 account premium will not affect your steam account. To make someones steam account premium, gift them any game that isn't free to play.

How can you get a Minecraft account fre?

I don't know if your mum will let you do this but you can play on minecraft central for free (this illegal and make sure you asked your parents even though they may not let you). I don't play illegally. I have a premium minecraft account.

Do you need to purchase extra items for minecraft?

No, the only thing you ever pay for is your Premium account. Any 'extra items' are things introduced by free third-party mods.