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Q: Will action replay codes from the UK work on a game from the US?
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Does the Action Replay for Game Boy Advance work with Game Boy Color codes?

no it does not

Action replay codes Pokemon SoulSilver for dsi?

The action replay will only work with the codes online since it's a new game .reference- Pokemon_soul_silver_action_replay_codes

Why can't my action replay codes don't work on my game Pokemon white and have all right codes and new action replay?

make sure its updated

Do you have to have action replay for the action replay codes to work?

Yes, you have to.

Do the codes only work on a action replay max?

no there are plane action replay codes

What can the action replay do?

lol action replay can work on any game boy advance ds game just buy the cord and download the codes

Do the action replay codes for Pokemon pearl work in the beginning of the game?


When i added codes to my action replay for a game i added to my action replay but the codes don't work and the codes are right to?

you typed a wrong code or a made up code or Your ar has problems

How do you figure out action replay codes?

when you buy a action replay it should come with a code manager that puts codes on your action replay when you connect it to the computer (you get to manually pick which games from which region) so they work on the game you have.

Why does action replay not work?

It doesn't have those codes in the action replay.

Where to get a Pokemon Diamond that works with ar codes?

All versions of Pokemon Diamond work with Action replay codes. However, your Action Replay may have the incorrect ID for the game (if you imported either the action replay or the game), and you must therefore set the correct ID, and get the correct AR codes.

Can an un copyright game work on an action replay?

Yes but there wont be any codes for it!