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Q: Will PlayStation 3 DJ hero turntable work on Wii?
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Does the old dj hero turntable for wii work on dj hero 2?


Does a playstation 3 guitar from Guitar Hero work for the Wii?

No, not for Guitar Hero (Wii) nor Rock Band (Wii).

Does guitar hero 5 for wii work on playstation 3?

no its a wii game unless you get a ps3 copy it wont work

Can I use my Wii Guitar Hero Guitar with Playstation 2 Guitar Hero?

no u cant cuz the playstation 2 guitar has to b plugged in but the wii one is cordless so there wouldn't be anywhere on the wii to plug in the playstation guitar. and also for the wii guitar u have to have a place to put the wii remomte in but there is no place for that one the PS2 guitarActually, it can be plugged in, the wii has 2 USB slots on the back. The Real question is: will it work?It will not work because the guitars are console specific, not jst simple input devices. So the answer is no, the PS2 GH guitar will not work for the Wii

Will Rock Band equipment work with Guitar Hero World Tour?

I depends on which version of the game you play. If you have Guitar Hero on Wii, only the mic will work, but everything should work if play it on PlayStation 3.

What are the games for Guitar Hero 3?

Guitar Hero III was released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the PC.

Will there be a Guitar Hero Led Zeppelin?

Yes and for playstation 2 3 and wii

Do the Jonas Brothers have a Wii?

Yes they have boling ternaments on the busYes. Kevin likes to play Guitar Hero, and you need a Wii to play Guitar Hero, don't you? >>They have a Wii, playstation, and Xbox.

Can you buy guitar hero smash hits for playstation2?

Yes. Guitar Hero Smash Hits is available for PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2.

Is there a Guitar Hero 80's for the wii?

No. It was only ever released for the PlayStation 2.

Does the Wii Guitar Hero guitar and drum set work with the new Wii Band Hero?

Yes it will work Band Hero is the same brand of Guitar Hero.

Can you use rock band game with guitar hero instruments?

no it does not fit in the plugin meaning you cant play it for wii, playstation or anything else. they will not work separate