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When you get banned 4 times on the 4 you are banned forever. Sometimes the first two bans are for 24 hours and the last two are 72 hours. It is possible to get your account back by calling club penguin or possible emailing them.

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Q: Why you are you banned forever in Club Penguin?
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What does it mean your banned forever on club penguin?'re...banned...forever?

Can you get banned forever on club penguin?


Why did you get banned on Club Penguin forever?

i dont know why i got banned on club penguin forever? its not fair. i think its because hacking or swearing.

How long does banned forever'' last on Club Penguin?


What happens if you swear on Club Penguin?

If you swear on club penguin you will be banned from club penguin for so long then you will be allowed back on unless you get banned FOREVER!!! willrr...

How do you make your account work on club penguin again?

To make it work just log in. If you are banned, wait until your are un-banned. If you are banned forever, your club penguin account is gone forever.

Can the penguin that you go on on club penguin get banned forever?

Yep....Happened to be before

Why do you get banned forever if you go on Rose Vines account on club penguin?

Because the makers of club penguin do it

Does club penguin banned you forever if you put a vid on youtube?


How do you die on Club Penguin?

Its impossible to die on club penguin. But you can get banned for a day or forever.

What do you say to get banned forever on clubpenguin?

say i love club penguin 24 times and u will get banned forever

Club penguin how to get your penguin back from banned forever?

Contact clubpenguin and BEG! Rofl...