Best Answer have to go to the screen where it says "POKEMON PEARL press start"

2. then press up, select, and b all together.

you will be able to delete your saved game.

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Q: Why wont my Pokemon Pearl data erase?
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The name rater wont nickname your mewto on Pokemon pearl what do you do?

you have to eat a pickachu fsdfsfds gbfrbyf

What are the action replay codes for getting the Jhoto starters on Pokemon Pearl? Has every single action replay code for Pokemon pearl. You wont believe some of the stuff you can do with these codes!

How long does it take for a male rapidash and a female heatron to get a Pokemon egg at the day care in Pokemon pearl?

it wont they either need to be the same Pokemon diff gender or onhas to be a ditto

Why wont Espeon mate with Eevee on pearl?

I think eevee is a Pokemon that cannot breed. Have you checked that one is male and one is female?

Why cant i use the members card in Pokemon diamond?

it wont do any good like you can only use it to get darkri in platinum or pearl

What if you all ready beat the Pokemon league and she still wont let you into the snowpoint temple?

You need to get the national Pokedex. If you're playing Diamond or Pearl version, you need to encounter all 150 Pokemon and talk to Professor Rowan. In Platinum you need to encounter all 210. Remember to get Manaphy's data from the book in the Pokemon mansion. Hope this helps!

In Pokemon pearl how to go in to the secret room in the Pokemon Manson?

even if you use the walk through walls it wont work so dont bother and if you go to canalave city and go to the hotel with walk through it wont work either:(Sorry !

Pokemon platinum wont let trade in the global trading center what should you do?

I have not played that game but ive played Pokemon pearl and i hear that they are like twins such as sapphire/ruby so i am pretty sure that you have to get a gym badge first just like in pearl.

What level till kadabra evolves in Pokemon pearl?

Kadabra wont evolve by levelling. You need to trade him. Not sure if he needs to hold anything...

Cheats wont work for my action replay when I play Pokemon pearl How do you get them to work?

the same thing happened to me when i tried it it just turned blank

Pokemon pearl why wont the azure flute work?

u have to go to spear pillar (where u got palkia/dialga) and play it. then arceus appear!

What is wrong with your Pokemon pearl version It makes a flash when you load your character andre-does the menu thing and your AR codes wont work whats wrong?

You are sick