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because maybe you have the wrong code

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Q: Why won't my patch codes work on sonic 3 and knuckles?
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Sonic Advance Three how to get Knuckles?

u hav 2 beat zone 2(sunset hill) act 3 with sonic as leader it wont work with other leader

What are cheat codes for sonic unleashed?

during the boss fight of dark gaia (super form) you can move around and collect rings while chip is talking and wont get hurt

How do you get ultimate emerl?

go to emerls story and do virual traning or use gameshark codes (i try to use gameshark coydes but it wont work so how do i play sonic battle)

Who does knuckles love?

In the comics, Julie-Su the Echidna. In Mobius 25 Years Later(Archie comic) they are partnered- not married, because they think commitment is more important than a ceremony. In the video games and television programs, mostly Rouge the Bat. In Sonic Underground, Sonia the Hedgehog (Sonic's sister). Knuckles only loves Julie-Su. He just likes Rouge and Sonia. And about the partnered-not married, that is right but that's not the reason why they are not married. In the comic: Sonic the Hedgehog 174, it shows them sayin why they wont get married. I think its cute~ Just go on YouTube and type in "Sonic the Hedgehog Comic 174" and read it for yourself.

Sims 3 patch download blank and wont stop loading?

try to download the patch again.

Why wont GTA 3 1.1 patch work?


Is there going to be a Super Sonic Galaxy?

There is only a Super Mario Galaxy, but there wont be a Super Sonic Galaxy.

Final Fantasy Sonic X5?

no there wont be one, but thatd be cool!

Does Sonic the Hedgehog fights the egg dragoon in sonic unleashed?

1:It depends on the system.(correct me if i am rong i wont get mad)2:it depends on the type of SONIC/UNLEASHED.

Why wont codes clear when trying to clear them?

The codes are telling you there is a problem. If the problem is not fixed the codes will come back.

Can anything happen if you do not pop your fingers?

your mom tells you that poping your knuckles will give you arthritis.Thats not true for everyone.Some people have bigger joints then others.So it wont realy hurt them,but if you have smaller joints it will hurt in the future.Poping your knuckles is just the release of takes 25-35 min to build up enough gasses in your knuckles to make that popping sound we it wont give arthrits to most but its rly annoying

Why wont sonic x come to cartoonnetwork?

cause cartoon network didnt make/ doesnt own sonic x. 4 kids does.