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we wont give any cheats cause they corrupt your game

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Q: Cheat codes for Mario and luigi bowsers inside story?
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Action replay codes for Mario luigi bowsers inside story?

i dont have any BUT go to and they have a ton Or alternatively,, or, they have a lot of them.

What are some cheat codes for new super Mario bros Wii?

There are no cheat codes.

Are there super Mario galaxy codes?

i have never seen a Mario game with cheat codes... sorry

How do you enter cheat codes on super Mario galaxy 2?

Type your answer here...There aren't any cheat codes or cheats for Super Mario Galaxy.

Where do you enter codes for super Mario galaxy on wii?

There are no codes or any way to cheat in it.

How can you stay invincible Mario forever on new super Mario bros?

Cheat codes

Can i get cheat codes for new super Mario bro's?

yess you can

What is the all badge cheat in paper Mario the thousand year door?

There are no cheat codes at all.

Is there any cheat codes for Mario 3D World for 3DS?

Yes, there are a number of cheat codes for Mario 3D World for 3DS.

Can you make your own Super Mario 64 N64 cheat codes?


Are there cheats for Super Mario galaxy2?

There aren't any cheat codes for this game.

What are all the cheat codes in super Mario 63?

I don't think there are any