Why won't my Pokemon Crystal save?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your game as corrupted or in other words stuffed. The same thing happened to my Pokemon silver and gold so yea i know what it feels like.

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Q: Why won't my Pokemon Crystal save?
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Is there a password screen in Pokemon Crystal?

no,you have to save.

How come your Pokemon crystal game wont save?

if you used the clone cheat on your game you might of corrupted your save file, meaning youll have to buy a new game if you ever want to save it again. theyre cheap on eBay because theyre so old. it wont save Pokemon game?

You go to the menu hit save and you cant leave the site you can shrink it

How do you get a clear ball in Pokemon Gold?

there isn't a clear ball there is only a clear bell but that's in Pokemon crystal after you save the director

How come it wont let you trade with Pokemon Gold and Crystal?

It will let you trade between Pokemon Gold and Crystal. You just have to make sure you are using two gameboy colours and a gameboy colour link cable.

Can you get into the second radio tower on Pokemon Crystal?

if your talking about the one in kanto you cant they wont let you becauseof secutiry.

Pokemon gold wont remember game save?

i have the same problem because my brother knows how to save on silver.why cant you ask him?

Where can you play Pokemon Crystal online?

There's Vizzed. It can save your game ... but it can't use Cheat Devices.

You used an r4i and it wont let you save your Pokemon heart gold Can someone help?


What is better game Pokemon Crystal dust or Pokemon liquid crystal?

I preference pokemon crystal

Where do you get clear bell on Pokemon Crystal?

u get a clear bell when u save the radio tower in goldenrod city.

Can you save Pokemon crystal on Game Boy sp?

Yes you can. I have crystal and a gameboy sp and it saves fine so if you're game is not saving then there's either some thing wrong with your crystal or your sp.