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if you used the clone cheat on your game you might of corrupted your save file, meaning youll have to buy a new game if you ever want to save it again. theyre cheap on eBay because theyre so old.

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Q: How come your Pokemon crystal game wont save?
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Can you save Pokemon crystal on Game Boy sp?

Yes you can. I have crystal and a gameboy sp and it saves fine so if you're game is not saving then there's either some thing wrong with your crystal or your sp.

Where can you play Pokemon Crystal online?

There's Vizzed. It can save your game ... but it can't use Cheat Devices.

Is there a password screen in Pokemon Crystal?

no,you have to save.

How do you transfer Pokemon crystal save game from vba to meboy when i send it to my mobile phone i don't see any save games in resume game option?

Please me on

How do you fix Pokemon crystal to make it save?

If your game stopped saving, chances are the battery inside of the game itself has died. You will need to replace it. You can find it cheap on eBay.

Why won't my Pokemon Crystal save?

Your game as corrupted or in other words stuffed. The same thing happened to my Pokemon silver and gold so yea i know what it feels like.

How do you enter in slowpoke well in Pokemon Crystal?

Just go to Slowpoke well and save, so when you go in the game again you will enter slowpoke well.

Why cant you save in Pokemon liquid crystal?

It depends, what emulator are you using??

On your Pokemon crystal game why did it say the saved file was corrupted?

you may have turned of the power while saving. Another reason is because the save battery died. This is most likely if you havn't played the game in a while. i also have experinced this before its probably because crystal is a old game and as he said before the save battery is dying because i own silver and the save file doesnt work.

Can Pokemon Yellow be saved on Game Boy Advance?

yes and even crystal,gold,silver and all gbc games save on vba

How do you clone Pokemon in crystal version?

Carefully choose the Pokemon you want to clone, you can clone only once, I know from experience. Go to any Pokemon center and put the Pokemon in an empty Pokemon storage box. Then as you save the game, right before the period appears to tell you that the game is saved turn the game off. Check the box and enjoy your cloned Pokemon!

How do you save a new game on Pokemon Colosseum?

you have to go to the PC to save the game