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Moshlings are attracted by certain seed combinations, but the seeds need to grow into flowers and some of the flowers needs to be a specific color. If your flowers do not grow into the specific color needed to attract a moshling, the moshling will not come to your Moshling Garden.

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Q: Why won't any moshlings come on Moshi Monsters?
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Can you trade moshlings on moshi monsters?

No. Unfortunately, the only way to get moshlings in the game is to find the correct combination of plants in your garden. But you'll find that lots of sites have the combinations for you. Moshi Monsters does sell real stuffed monsters and moshlings. Just check out their online shop!

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Why wont moshi monsters load on your desktop but will on laptop?

You should make sure your computer meets the minimum tech requirements for Moshi Monsters. See related links.

Why wont your moshi monster let you inside?

If you are having problems accessing your account then you should contact the Moshi Monsters Customer Service team using the Contact Us page on the Moshi Monsters website.

How do you turn sound of on moshi monsters?

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How do you get yolka the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

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