How come your psp wont charge?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You might need a new charger or battery.

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Q: How come your psp wont charge?
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Why is your PSP not charging?

the psp is not on the charger it needs to be on it or it wont charge.

What if your psp wont charge or turn on?

get a new one

Why wont your PSP charge through a wall charger?

shut up of course not

My PSP wont turn on at all not even the lights and it wont charge whats wrong?

your battery probably died

Will Tekken 6 come out on Wii?

No it wont it will come out on PS3 Xbox 360 and PSP

How do you fix a psp that wont play any games?

U have to be more specific, there is no such thing as a PSP that does not come with the function of playing UMD's.

How come your psp wont download latest version?

Probably 'cause you already have the latest version

Can you charge a PSP?

Yes you can charge a psp. Every packaged psp sold comes with a charger and battery.

Your ipod touch wont come on?

hook it up to your computer for it to charge.

Is God of War 3 in psp?

is game god of war 3 wont come o psp only on ps3 jst lke god of war ascension

When it will come on PSP?

When will what come out on psp?

Will a new PSP game brick a older model PSP?

no it wont