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Its because doctor strange glove broke something. (so it says ). It wont work for me either !

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Q: Why won't it let me play multiplayer puzzles in moshi monsters?
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Is moshi monsters a good game to play if you need to learn?

The Moshi Monsters puzzles are educational so you can learn from these, definitely.

How do you get money in moshi monsters?

Play some games or puzzles. That's all.

Do you get anything from hall of puzzles in moshi monsters?

Yes. You earn a small amount of Rox from each of the puzzles you play.

How do you get lots of mony on moshi monsters without being a member?

You play puzzles and games.

What is the point of moshi monsters cos its cool?

On Moshi Monsters you have your own virtual monster to look after. You can decorate its room, play games with it, play puzzles with it and whole heap of other stuff.

Can you play games in multiplayer in moshi monsters?

Of course! Got to the Puzzle Palace, and click on Multiplayer! Hope that helped! x

What do you do in moshi monsters to earn money?

play puzzles,minigames,and if your a member shake trees at the port.

How do you play a competition in Moshi Monsters?

If you want to be part of a contest or competition on Moshi Monsters you have to go to The Daily Growl and they will tell you which contests or competitions you can enter. You can also click on the Puzzles button in your Moshi Monsters room. Choose Multi Player and you will be able to play against another Moshi Monsters player.

How can you play a game on moshi monsters?

On the map, go to the Moshi Fun Park. There are lots of games to play there. Or you can click on the red button in your room that says "Puzzles".

How do you get on to level 5 on moshi monsters?

Play puzzles every day at puzzle the daily challenge

How do you get up the next level on moshi monsters?

On moshi Monsters to get the next level on your account's,need to play at the puzzle palace a daily challenge to get over 100rox or the normal puzzles to get 5rox.....

How do you get free cash if you are not a member on moshi monsters?

To get free cash on Moshi Monsters if you are not a member, you can go to the Puzzle Palace and play the Daily Challenge, or the Puzzles in the Hall of Puzzles. You can also go to La La Lane and play icescream, you can play until you get 100 rox, or until you loose. Glad I could help! =)