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Q: Can you play games in multiplayer in moshi monsters?
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Is binweevils better than moshi monseters?

that depends on what you like. Binweevils you can explore and play more multiplayer games than moshi monsters, but on moshi monsters you can take care of a pet but other than that they are pretty much the same :) bu i prefer moshi monsters :)

How do you play Moshi Monsters Fun Park without a Moshi Monster?

There is another web site called Moshi Games which has most of the Moshi Monsters games on it, but you do not have to have a Moshi Monsters Membership to play the games. See Related Links.

How do you get the trophies on Moshi Monsters?

You play games in the puzzle palace, and the more games you play the more ROX you get. Then, you get a trophy for beating the level on moshi monsters.

How do you get moshling seeds for free on moshi monsters?

You can not get free seeds on Moshi Monsters. Play the games to get Rox to buy seeds!

What do you have to do to get your level up on Moshi Monsters?

you play lots of games!

What free membership games can kids play?

Moshi monsters!

Do you play with others on Moshi Monsters?

You can make friends on Moshi Monsters and send them messages on their Pin Boards. You can also play the Multi Player games with others.

Is there a website called Moshi Monsters?

Yes, there is a web site called Moshi Monsters where you adopt a Moshi Monster, then play games, collect Moshlings to be pets for your monsters, and much more!

Are Bin Weevils an enemy to Moshi Monsters?

No, Bin Weevils and Moshi Monsters are two different online games. People can play either or both games if they want to.

How do you git lots of rox on Moshi Monsters?

play a TON of games

What do you do when there are no more missions to do on Moshi Monsters?

Play games, improve your house.

How do you clear youre moshi monsters sickness?

To clear your moshi monsters' sickness, you have to play lost of games so it will level up and it will be happy again.