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Mine's not

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Q: Why is your PlayStation cutting off?
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Call of duty4 glitches for PS3?

If you press start while holding the off button of your playstation your playstation will turn off

How do you download a PSP game off the disk and on to the PSP?

You can't, you have to download it off PlayStation PlayStation store on the internet or another website.

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Does your sons PlayStation 3 need to be continually on He tells you it cannot be turned off because it cannot update if it is off?

While it is true that the PlayStation 3 cannot update if it is off, the playstation does not need to be continually on. If you know that an update is needed, you can turn it on, update the playstation, then turn it off. If the playstation is not downloading the update or applying the update it can be turned off. An update can't even be started without the user explicitly starting the update. Depending on your internet speed, updates can be fast (< 5 mins) or slow (hours).

How much power does a PlayStation use left on a month?

The PlayStation should not be left on when not in use. Most people set the PlayStation and Controller to turn off automatically

How do you take songs off a PlayStation portable?


How do you buy off the PlayStation store?

From your Playstation Network connection on a PS3 you only need money in your Playstation Wallet from a credit card matching your account or a Playstation Network Card to make a purchase and download it into your PS3 harddrive

What happens if you turn off a PlayStation?

it shuts off and the tv screen sais line

Can you buy games off of the American PSN using British pounds as currency?

To make purchases off the American PlayStation Store you need access and the Access to a region's PlayStation Store is determined by the country associated with the PlayStation Network account and can not be changed. What kind of currency is not the deciding factor, but access to an American PlayStation STore

What does it mean when the PlayStation 2 is blinking red?

its turned off

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