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PlayStation x

PlayStation 1

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 slim

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 slim

Coming soon - PlayStation 4

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Q: What consoles has Sony made?
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Which company makes the PlayStation series of gaming consoles?

They are made by Sony

What company makes PlayStations?

Sony Playstations are made by Sony or for SonySony.The Playstation family of game consoles are made under the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Sony Group, and Sony CorporationKen Kutaragi.

Who made more money microsotf or Nintendo or Sony?

i think that Nintendo made the most money because they made loads on consoles and was older but Sony only made ps1 2 and 2 3 and Microsoft only made 2 consoles also Sony had high prices which may put some people off but also Microsoft have to pay money for xbox live

Who is the makers of PSP?

PSP or Play Station Portable is made by Sony as are all play station consoles.

Does Sony still make the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 consoles?

Sony does still make the PlayStation 2 in certain countries. The PlayStation 1 is no longer made.

Where is PS3 made?

PS3 consoles a Manufactured in China by a company's that go by the names of Sony EMCS, Foxconn, Lanix, ASUSTeK

What is a Sony PlayStation?

Its a games console made by Sony and you can play games on it. It is also the name used for the complete series of consoles and portable game players that came after the original Playstation.

What game consoles is Littlebigplanet 2 for?

Sony PlayStation 3

Will Sony eventually stop making the PlayStation 3 consoles?

Yes, eventually Sony will stop making the PlayStation 3 consoles. However, it will be many years before they stop production.

What consoles can you play shadow the hedgehog on?

Shadow The Hedgehog is on the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, & Nintendo Gamecube consoles.

Does Sony still make the PlayStation 1 and the games?

No, Sony does not still make the Playstation 1 consoles or games.

Where can you download halo for psp?

Halo isn't available for Sony consoles.

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