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You can't, you have to download it off PlayStation PlayStation store on the internet or another website.

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Q: How do you download a PSP game off the disk and on to the PSP?
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How do you get gta 4 for psp?

go to a game store or download it off the store

Can you download pictures off the internet on to your psp?

Yeah you can!

Can I install my friends Xbox 360 game disc into my Xbox?

no. You can play games off his disk but you cant download it unless if you mean the install disk. But you would still need to play disk

How you un update a psp?

There are 2 different ways. 1 is if you get a game for it you are able to update it off the disk by choosing the option under the one to play the game. Another way is to have your PSP able to connect to the Internet. Then go to settings and select system update.

Can you get apps on ipsp?

yes actually its simple, all you have to do is download the app or pic or whatever off the internet {not bye psp} then plug in your psp via usb then copy app or pic to psp/iphone{or ipsp}/app,picture,game,etc.. and there you have it

Where can you download installed xbox 360 games?

From the dashboard. But if you download a full game, it can only be played if the CD of that game is in the console. Downloading games does not let you play the game off the console (you still need the disk) it only makes the game faster and less lag.

How do you update your psp to 4.05?

well im not cirtain but you could either plug it in to the ps3 or the computer and download it off of or another download site if not there are instructions in the psp section.goodluck

How do you download a video to a pso?

Do you mean "psp"? How to download a video to a psp? If you are trying to download videos from let say youtube and saving to your psp. Then I recommend you use Ant Video Downloader in getting videos off your browser. The videos downloaded by the tool works with any video converter allowing you to put them and view them in your psp.

Can you get Sims 2 double deluxe free without a CD legally?

No. Besides, the game needs the disk to start. If you are talking about download the files for the game off the internet, that is illegal too.

How do you games on the PSP full games?

You go to Sony or any store and buy the disk. Or you can use the PS3(if you have one) and buy it there and get it to your PSP by USB drive. Or you can directly buy it off the PlayStation Store in your PSP.

Where can you find slipknot psp themes?

You can download pictures off of the Internet and set them as your background.

Where can you get free psp wallpapers?

you can save it on the internet browser or download it off the playstation store