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some are not as rare as others like geodude or ponyta others are only obtained by trade or by searchin 4 hrs and hrs

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Q: Why is it harder to find some Pokemon over others?
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In the Pokemon modifier all I find is Arceus not any others what did I do wrong?

you might be putting the same number all over again to find the right Pokemon press in their national dex number except for 493 which is arceus and only goes up to 493

Where can you find Manaphy in Pokemon Platinum after I finish the sinnioh Pokemon?

You can't "find" him. You have to trade the egg from Pokemon ranger over to platinum, where you can hatch it.

When you try to chain a certain Pokemon and the chain breaks you cant find that Pokemon again?

you can find the Pokemon again but you have to start the chain over

Were can you find manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

You can't, you must send it over from Pokemon Ranger.

Can you find Pokemon over level 100 like on Pokemon red?

if the game has a glitch

Where do you find Entei on Pokemon Black and White?

you have to send it over from an older pokemon game

How do you find Haunter in Pokemon Diamond?

you get it over a trade.

How do you use a Mach bike over the wholes at the sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

You go fast over holes and it gets harder but if you go slow you fall down

Where do you find the Pokemon Tangle in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find tangela in diamond or pearl you have to transfer it over through Pal park

How do you trade pokemon on android?

Considering that you are asking about Pokemon app over the Android device, then yes you can find Pokemon app available over the Google PlayStore and you can download and install it over your device from the Store.

Where can you find Zorua in Pokemon Black?

somewhere over the rainbow

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This depends on the species. Some fish have a harder coating over themselves than others.