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Misdreavus is a Ghost type Pokemon available only in Pokemon Pearl (of the fourth generation games). It may be traded over to Pokemon Diamond.

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Q: Where can you find misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?
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Can you evolve misdreavus in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, you cannot. You can evolve Misdreavus into Mismagius in Diamond/Pearl or later versions using a Dusk Stone.

Where can you get a misdreavus in Pokemon diamond?

impossible. You have to trade it with a pearl user. they are as easy to obtain in pearl as murkrows are in diamond : ) ~Sherry PMMewtwo---At the forest inside the right side door in the Pokemon mansion.

Where do you find a misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get Misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum, you have to trade it through Wi-Fi or get it from someone who has Pokemon Pearl. If Pokemon Pearl can't be found, go to McDonald's as they have free Wi-Fi.

Where do you find misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

A Misdreavus can not be captured in Pokemon Diamond. However, you can trade for one or check the following places in Pokemon Pearl if you have it:Lost Tower - Floors 1-5 at night.To get to the Lost Tower, take a right just before reaching Solacean City.Eterna Forest - Normally close to the trees (only appears at night).To get to Eterna Forest, follow the path north east of Floaroma Town or go west from Eterna City.Note:Be sure to take plenty of Pokeballs or a Pokeball with a high catch rate. Misdreavus tends to be good at escaping. You may also have to walk around for a bit, they tend to be pretty shy. I averaged about one Misdreavus every four or five fights.Evolving Misdreavus into Mismaigus:You can use a Dusk Stone to evolve Misdreavus into Mismaigus. A Dusk Stone can be obtained from the Warehouse in Veilstone City. You must have the Warehouse Key to enter it. The Dusk Stone can be found behind the door.MIsdreavus is in Pokemon diamond go south of veilstone and the first dude you fight he has a misdreavus

What is a dusk stone for in Pokemon Diamond?

It can evolve Pokemon. Here is a list of what it can evolve: Misdreavus---> Mismagius Murkrow---> Honchkrow If your going to get Pokemon diamond/pearl,please beware of the type of Pokemon you can find.For Example,Murkrow can only be found in Diamond,not Pearl or Glamow can be found on Pearl but not on Diamond,But what i mean is there's only 2 Pokemon (In Diamond/Pearl) that can be found on each game. Here's the list: Murkrow---> Honchkrow (Diamond) Stunky---> Stunktank (Diamond) Misdreavus---> Mismagius (Pearl) Glamow---> Purugly (Pearl)..... But 1 other thing,only 1 Pokemon (In each game) can be used with dusk stone,so pick WISELY....

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Where can you find a mismaguis in Pokemon Diamond?

Evolve Misdreavus with a Dusk Stone. You cannot find Misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond so you need to trade.

How do you catch a misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

ucant catch misdreavus in diamond

Where can you catch misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond version?

Misdreavus cannot be obtained on Pokemon Diamond, so you must trade one from Pokemon Pearl.

Pokemon Diamond where do you find misdreavus?

i have a pokemon book that tells me where every pokemon is. and you cant find it in diamond or platinum only in pearl (at the eterna forest night only)

Where can you find the first evolution of mismagius on Pokemon Diamond?

You can find Misdreavus on Pokémon Diamond, you'll have to trade it with Pokémon Pearl.

Where to get misdreavus in platinum?

you cannot get a misdreavus in Pokemon platinum but you can get it in diamond and pearl.

Misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

No, you can only get it in pearl

Do trainers have misdreavus in Pokemon diamond?


How do you find a Misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

you can only find it on pearl but you can trade with a friend that has Pokemon pearl you can possibly find it when you obtain your national pokedex i might be wrong. :} For people who have diamond,if you know where to find murkrow,then you know where to find misdreavus in Pokemon pearl,you don't need the national pokedex but you can trade Hope you find this info helpful

Can you find a glameow and a misdreavus and a dustox in Pokemon diamond when the news press guy needs them?

No, you have to get them from Pearl.

Pokemon diamond-where do you find Misdreavus?

at the tower near solaceon town at night its hard to find but u will aventually

Where can you catch a mystrevious on diamond?

You cannot catch a Misdreavus on Pokemon Diamond as it's exclusive to Pokemon Pearl. In Pokemon Pearl Misdreavus appears at nighttime in Eterna Forest and the Lost Tower.