Why is Kirby named Kirby?

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Nobody knows. People say he is named after John Kirby, who was a lawyer who helped Donkey Kong stay in Nintendo, and the KIRBY vacuum cleaners. Because Kirby can suck. Kirby used to be called "Popopo" don't ask me how THAT got started...

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2009-01-23 03:57:47
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Q: Why is Kirby named Kirby?
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Was Kirby-Smith middle school named after a president?

No kirby-simth is named after Edmund Kirby Simth who is not a presindent

Who was Marx from Kirby Super Star named after?

Marx from Kirby Super Star was named after Kirby, the Super Star.

Is the video game character named Kirby a boy or a girl?

Kirby is a boy.

Why is Kirby round?

Masahiro Sakurai of HAL used Kirby's current design as a placeholder for what would've been a character named Popopo. He became attached to it, though, and named him Kirby.

Why was Kirby game invented?

A lawyer named John Kirby defened Nintendo against a lawsuit

Who first made ghost Kirby?

A boy named Peter Tran the Kirby game company stole his idea

Was Kirby Puckett named after the video game character Kirby?

No! That's impossible. Kirby Puckett was born in 1960. Video game character Kirby wasn't introduced into the mainstream media until 1992.

Does sam have a cousin named Kirby?

If Kirby is half related to Barbie, then possibly. But who is Sam in the equasion? Ask yourself this: Do I really have a life?

Who loves Kirby the most?

Well, this character doesn't appear in the video game, but in the Kirby cartoon, there's a female character named Tiff that really cares about Kirby and is always on his side.

Does Kirby like tiff?

Kirby has no sex-drive; he's just a baby thingimajig, but when tiff heard about a star warrior named kirby, she had a fantasy about a knight, and was disappointed to see a pink ball-thing as the star warrior.

Who does coby Kirby love?

a kid from st george Utah named keetan plant

Is there a new Kirby game coming soon?

yes. it is named Kirby triple deluxe. it is coming out on jan 11 2014 in japan.

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