Why does king dedede hate Kirby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the first Kirby game, both king Dedede and Kirby ate a piece of the warp star, but king dedede ate too much and doesn't have the same powers of Kirby and he blames Kirby for it. so that's why he is always seeking to kill Kirby.

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Q: Why does king dedede hate Kirby?
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Is king dedede nice to Kirby?

Not really, no.

What is a DeDeDe?

King DeDeDe is a character from the Kirby games. He is a evil king. He is also in Smash bros Brawl.

How do you unlock king dedede on Kirby air ride?

First defeat 1000 enemies to unlock the Vs King Dedede Stadium. Defeat Dedede in less than a minute in Vs King Dedede to unlock him.

How old is king dedede?

I guess he could be old as Kirby

Are Kirby and King Dedede friends?

NO! They are not friends they are enemies. :P

What is the blue penguins name on Kirby?

King Dedede, that is pronounced Dee Dee Dee.

Who has been in every Kirby game?

Kirby,waddle dee and meta knight. King dedede apeared in all kirby games except kirby and the amazing mirror

Who are your favorite characters from Kirby?

#1=Kirby #2=Meta Knight #3= King Dedede every one else suckss

Is meta knight good?

Meta Knight is good, but he works for King Dedede so he can keep a close eye on him. The reason he has been beating up Kirby sometimes, is King Dedede told him to, and Meta Knight had to follow King Dedede's command or he'll get fired.

Is king dedede from Kirby a big fat penguin?

I would assume so. What else could he possibly be?

Is there a character in Kirby called Queen Dedede?

No, Dedede is to fat and old to get married!

Why does meta knight work for king dedede?

Yes, but he only does it because he knows that Dedede has a monster delivery system. Also when Dedede gives him orders he does them but not exactly, like if he had to fight Kirby he would not hurt him he would pretend to.