Why is Club Penguin so violent?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lol! it's violent becuz ther are 15 yr olds tht go on it and swear and stuff.

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Q: Why is Club Penguin so violent?
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Is Club Penguin violent?

no it is not

Can you get a white puffle on Club Penguin?

Yes, recently Club Penguin has made white puffles available for members. but they can be very shy so don't expect it to be like anyother puffle it is very violent

Is there a Club Penguin for Latvia?

Club Penguin is like worldwide, so yes.

What is ID for Club Penguin?

It is your username in club penguin such as lolliepop98 so that what your id is its your penguin name.

Whose dark on Club Penguin?

A Penguin on Club Penguin Whom Also Has A YouTube Account In Which He Posts Videos About Club Penguin. His Videos Got Popular, So if You Hear Of Him On Club Penguin, That's The Reason.

Is there an penguin called dark wizerd on Club Penguin?

maybe there is so many penguins on club penguin who knows??

Can you have a baby penguin on Club Penguin?

penguins dress up as babys on club penguin so you can adopt one there

How do you kill other penguins on Club Penguin?

You can not kill other penguins on club penguin. The club penguin is for ages 6-14. So if you like to kill people, club penguin is not the place for you.

Where is the white puffle on Club Penguin?

There is currently no white puffle on Club Penguin, and it will be publically announced to the Club Penguin players so they will be able to adopt them.

How do you become a cp on Club Penguin?

l'm a cp, your a cp, cp means Club Penguin so when ever you see that , it means club penguin

Who is the first penguin made on Club Penguin?

I think it was Rsnail. He invented Club Penguin. Well there first was Penguin Chat 3, but Rsnail closed that and made Club Penguin. So I'm pretty positive Rsnail is the first penguin made on Club Penguin.

How much is the membership in Club Penguin?

its not in club penguin you gotta buy a member ship card to be a member on club penguin or just be a normal penguin you don't need to a member to go on club penguin so go have fun!