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Your Game most have corrupt by the use of actio replay.

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Q: Why does your heart gold game freeze when you use your action replay?
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Is there a game freeze action replay code for Pokemon diamond?

Some action replay codes freeze your game up because they aren't responding correctly

Why does your action replay freeze when you input a game?

Because the Action Replay is not Endorsed or Created or Licesned by Nintendo.

How do you get cheats on Pokemon?

you have to buy an action replay, but it may freeze your game

You have an action replay DS and when you playpokemon pearl the DS always freezes when you go into a battle This worked on your old action replay DS What do you do?

Don't use two action replays on one game it will freeze it or if pass it all and then start using it the game will be unfamiliar with the action replay so it will erase the game, or if you cheat to much then it will freeze and there will be a possibility that you my never use you action replay on your game EVER AGAIN.

Why does an action replay freeze your game?

its not developed by nintendo, it is a third party software, so you cannot be guaranteed success with an action replay

Does action replay delete your game?

If you use cheats too much, it may freeze your game.

How can you get your Pokemon Pearl Not To Freeze Up after you add a cheat off of your Action Replay?

uh if your game freezes, then your action replay is BROKEN, or you put in the wrong code.

Is there any Action Replay code for Bejeweled Twist DS?

There are Action Replay codes for Bejeweled Twist DS, but they cause the game to freeze on start up.

Why doesn't my action replay have a slot in the top of it?

If it doesn't have a slot on the top of it then you probably bought Action Replay DS, not Action Replay DSi. To use Action Replay DS you type in the code you want, check-mark the codes you want to use, then pop out your Action Replay DS ( while the DS in on!) and pop in the game you have the codes on for, then press start game. If you have Action Replay DS then when you pop out your Action Replay it won't freeze, so you can still start up your game with the codes.

Why does your AR make your game freeze?

because the action replay has bugs in it i don't use mine anymore

Why does Pokemon Heartgold freeze if you use and Action Replay and is there a way to solve it?

take game out wash it put back in

How do you get infinite rare candies on Pokemon heart gold?

Get an action replay from a game store.