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Because it has to many codes that you put on yourself and it does not register because it can't read all of the codes

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Q: Why does your AR DSI boot to a white screen and why does it not register?
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How do you register a dsi?

You can't not register a dsi

How do you reset your ar dsi its a white screen?

hold ab then select and start

What does it mean when you have a white screen and a yellow light on your dsi?

it means how much battery power it has

How do you clean your DSi screen?

use the screen wiper in the dsi box

How do you clean your dsi?

well i have a white dsi and i usually just get a cotton swab wet it with alcohol and rub the outer shell and the inner shell but not the screen :) =) :] =] :} =}

Do the DSi and the DSi XL have the same intro screen?

Kind of..., except the dsi XL has a Xl symbol beside of The dsi symbol on the top screen.

Is both dsi screens touch?

Only the DSi's bottom screen is a touch screen.

Can you register a DSI?

if you are on club Nintendo

Does a DSI fit in a DSI XL case?

No, the dsi XL has a bigger screen than the dsi.

What does the DSi XL have?

The dsi xl has every thing the dsi has but it justs has a biger screen.

What is the difference between the dsi and the dsi x?

The difference between the Dsi and the Dsi XL is that the XL has a bigger screen.

Does the Nintendo DSi have two touch screens?

No. Like its predecessors, only the bottom screen of the DSi is a touch screen.