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The only time any GBA or DS game ever does that is if the cartridge (game pack) itself is damaged.

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Q: Why does the save file on Pokemon emerald delete itself?
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How do you delete saved data in Pokemon emerald?

make a new file and save it

Why does your saved file delete itself on Pokemon advance games?

that's just yours...

How do you delete your save file on Pokemon emerald?

on the menu list where it says continue game, down you will find a box that says new game you press it save and press yes and you will delete the other file and have a new file.

How do you delete your file on emerald?

go to new game

How do you delete all data on Pokemon Emerald?

Start a new game and when you save it will say that there is another saved file do you wish to replace it? Click A on yes. The other file will not be there but your new one will. Note: You can not have two saved users on Pokemon Emerald or any other game of Pokemon for GBA or GBA SP or Nintendo DS.

How do you delete your file in pokemon soulsilver?

You can delete it by clicking it and pressing delete duhhh -miraih snipes

How can you delete a saved file in Pokemon trozei?

you can't

How do you delete a Pokemon White file?

On the title screen, press Up, Select and B together. This will permanently delete your file.

How do you delete a file on Pokemon black?

Up Seclect and B

How do you get a Celebi on Pokemon Emerald?

Celebi can know longer be onbtained in Pokemon Emerald as far as i know of, however legit. If you are desperate i suggest you use gameshark codes or action reply, each can be obtained at various outlets

How do you delete your file on Pokemon LeafGreen?

just start a new game. there will be a warning, just ignore it and it will delete the file as soon as you save in the new game.

How do you delete a file on Pokemon Diamond?

you press up , select , and b