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you can't

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Q: How can you delete a saved file in Pokemon trozei?
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How do you delete saved data in Pokemon emerald?

make a new file and save it

Why does your saved file delete itself on Pokemon advance games?

that's just yours...

How do you delete file Pokemon HeartGold?

At The Starting Screen (When Your Looking At Ho-Oh Flying) Press UP+SELECT+B And It Will Ask If You Would Like To Delete Saved File

How do you delete your saved game on Pokemon diamond?

all you have to do is start a new game and save on your new game file what is a new game file?

How do you delete a saved file in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

Go to exploration record at the main menu and choose delete save data.

How do you delete a saved file on Pokemon ranger with out starting over?

That was a real dumb question You can't. You have to buy a new one

How do you delete a saved file on Pokemon HeartGold?

Up, Select, B at the main menu the same goes for Soul Silver.

How do you delete Pokemon off of your poke walker?

you can't i tried trust me. if you did delete your saved file and you had a Pokemon in the walker it will be there until the battery dies get a new one.

How do you delete a saved file in pokemon white?

Press the Up, B, and Select buttons together when you're on the title screen. Then, answer yes to all the questions and it will delete the saved file.

How do you restart Pokemon explorers of sky?

Its on the menu where you click Continue and all you go to options i think and somewhere there you can delete the file that's saved

How do you delete a saved file on Pokemon pearl after new game has been started?

Simply choose save and say yes to all questions.

Why does your Pokemon sapphire delete saved files when turned on?

Because if you have gameshark/action replay for GBA and save it. It get's deleting yr file