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all you have to do is start a new game and save on your new game file what is a new game file?

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Q: How do you delete your saved game on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you delete the continued game on Pokemon diamond?

Press 'up' 'select' and 'b' at the same time and it will ask you if you want to delete your saved game.

How do you newgame Pokemon Diamond?

If you want to start a new game, it's right below the saved game of yours. WARNING: SAVING A NEW GAME WHILE YOU ALREADY HAVE A SAVED GAME WILL DELETE THE SAVED GAME.

How do you delete your Pokemon saved game?

Press up, select, and b

How do you delete data on Pokemon diamond?

ummmmmmmmm deleat youre game

Can you go back to a previously saved game after saving a new game on Pokemon diamond for ds?


How do you delete your account on Pokemon diamond?

Uh, start a new game and save at the beginning.

How do you restart Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

You will have to delete the game. It also depends on which Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game you are talking about. But, there should be an options button in the menu. If there is, click on it, and there should be an option "delete saved game" Hope this helped!

How do you start a new game in Pokemon Diamond when you all ready have a profile?

one and first is to play your saved game ,

How can iclone more Pokemon?

I think you have to Takeout the Pokemon Game when It is saving BUT! It Can delete your Saved data so it's Quite risky

How do you change the time in Pokemon diamond even after you have saved the game?

Change the DS time then save your game again on diamond the time in the game will change with the DS time.

How do you over write or delete a saved game in Pokemon soul silver for the ds?

Make a new one

How do you delete a saved account on Pokemon Conquest?

u just have 2 start a new game and save