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if you downloaded the house, then the file could have been corrupt and is causing the house to turn red. if its not a downloaded house, then you might want to reinstall your game, or try living in a different house, something could be wrong with the game.

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Q: Why does the house go red when you have a sim living in it in The Sims 2?
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How do you visit sims once they have moved out?

Your sims on the lot that the sim has left can't visit that sim. You have to go to the house where that sim who moved out lives and have the other sims from the other house come over from phone invite.

What happens if the baby dies in the mothers stomach?

If your baby dies in the mothers stomach in sims, she will probably become very depressed. when a sim become depressed it can lead to death because it will not do anything. If your sim is living with another sim, that sim can become depressed after the other sim dies, which can cause a chain reaction for all sims living in the same house. and if you have a child in the house and both parents die, then child services will take him/her away. hope that helps, or ,makes sense.

Why is a ghost red in sims 2?

When a sim dies from fire their ghost is red.

Can you move into another sims house on The Sims 3 ambition?

on the edit town mode you can merge households. also if your sim is good enough friends with another sim in another household and they are at that sims house at the moment then that other sim can ask you if you would like to move in

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On my sims kingdom for ds where do you get the leaf essense?

When a house is built by mud and the green grass is underwear because you're living in Sim's world and you've been living on the couch to long.

Where is my dead sim?

Your dead sims can be in a number of places(This is for the sims 3) 1) If your sim is married it might be in your invintory 2)It might be in your house 3) It might be @ the graveyard -Sims 3 Addict-

How do you get a sim to move in your house in sims 2?

All you need to so is get a good relationship with the Sim you want to move into your house and then just click on the Sim then on the option propose then move in.

On The Sims 2 can you make a zombie kiss a living sim?

Yes if they are in love

How do you enter your house on sims life stories?

click on the door and your sim will automatically enter the house

How do you get a sim to move out in sims 3 Xbox 360?

go into edit town mode and click on the sims you want to add and click place copy. then click on the house which your current sims are living in and say yes when it asks you if you want to merge the two households hope this helps :D

How do you move a sim into your sims house on The Sims 3?

you have to make a family or select the ones that are already there then u click on them and put them in a house that fits their budget.