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you have to make a family or select the ones that are already there then u click on them and put them in a house that fits their budget.

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2009-08-15 16:16:42
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Q: How do you move a sim into your sims house on The Sims 3?
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How do you move a sim in to your sims house on The Sims bustin out?

you can either click on the door so the sim opens it or you can simply click inside the house

How do i move sims in together on sims life stories?

well i have sims life stories but usally i don't play it but i have an idea of how you could move a sim together. you could move 1 sim out ( must be adult ) and (use computer or PC in sims ) combine the 1 sim into the other sim house. i hope this helps

Can you move into another sims house on The Sims 3 ambition?

on the edit town mode you can merge households. also if your sim is good enough friends with another sim in another household and they are at that sims house at the moment then that other sim can ask you if you would like to move in

How do you move house in sims 3 PC?

To move house, you can either click on the cell phone in your sim's inventory or use the computer and select the "Move" option. Then, you can select which of your sims you wish to move (you can also kick out a sim) and what house you want to move to.

How do i move my sims on The Sims 3 with the money they've earned?

If you mean to move them house - then click on a sim then go to their inventory, click on the phone and select 'move' :)

How do you get a sim to move in your house in sims 2?

All you need to so is get a good relationship with the Sim you want to move into your house and then just click on the Sim then on the option propose then move in.

In the sims 2 how do you get a ready made sim to move in with another family?

your other sims that you made have to be in a high relationship with the "ready-made sims" (NPC's) They have to be at least best friends or something like that, click on them and click on "propose..." then click on "move in" they will hug your sim if they have accsepted. Either that or you can click "propose..." then "engagement" then after your sim marries them, they will move into your sims house.

How do you get a sim too move out when he doesnt want too on sims 2 for PC?

You can make a Sim move out of a household weather they want to or not. To move a Sim out click on the Sim you wish to move out (if you want to move more than 1 out at a time click on only 1 of the Sims) then on your Sim's newspaper or computer and click 'Find Own Place'. A couple seconds later a box will appear with a list of the Sims living in your household. You can now select the Sims you wish to move out (the Sim you selected to move out first will move out along with these Sims). Any Sims you move out of your household will then appear in the neighborhood's Sim Bin.

How do you visit sims once they have moved out?

Your sims on the lot that the sim has left can't visit that sim. You have to go to the house where that sim who moved out lives and have the other sims from the other house come over from phone invite.

How do you get your sim to move out with another sim on Sims 3 for ps3?

you get them married or dating or best friends and it will come up at your house ask to move in

Can you move in another sim house on Sims 3 ambition?

Yes you can. Your sim can move in any of the expansion packs and even the base game.

Can you play your other sims if a sim moves somewhere else?

If you move them into a new house they are playable.

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