Why does team rocket steal Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It Because. The Member Of Team Rocket Are Evil. They Use The Pokemon for evil stuff and they somethings do things like try to do some evil stuff.

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Q: Why does team rocket steal Pokemon?
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Where did team rocket steal a meteor in heart gold?

They don't steal a meteor in Pokemon heartgold.

How do you get a rare pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold version?

You buy a gun, then you rob team rocket and steal theirs.

Team rocket steal Pikachu?

Pikachu belongs to Ash. Team Rocket are pests for not just stealing Pikachu, also stealing Misty and Brock's pokemon. Team Rocket are mean, nasty, lame, and evil crooks. Team Rocket are morons.

How do you reveal the ghosts in Pokemon tower fire red?

Use the Silph Scope. You get this by defeating Team Rocket, when they steal it.

Can you join team rocket on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't join team rocket in Pokemon diamond. Actually team rocket is not on the game

Where is Team rocket in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl Team Rocket aren't the villains, Team Galactic are.

What types of Teams steal Pokemon?

The 4 teams total that steal Pokemon.Team Rocket is from Kanto and appears in Johto and Hoenn.Team Magma and Team Aqua are from Hoenn.Team Galactic is from Sinnoh.

How does team rocket manage to steal Pikachu in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In the Pokemon Anime based on the Diamond and Pearl games Team Rocket manage to "steal" pikachu when he ends up getting blasted off with team rocket, Jessie and James go one way and Meowth, Mime Jr. and Pikachu go another. In the landing Pikachu loses his memory and Meowth persuades him that he's a member of Team Rocket. Pikachu eventually remembers who he is though so it's all good :D

Why is Team Rocket always after Pikachu?

It's Team Rocket's job to be annoying. You can't steal Pokemon without being obnoxious and suitable for children under 13 at the same time.

What are team rocket's name in Pokemon?

well there name is team rocket but most of them are ,rocket grunts,

Is team rocket in the Pokemon tower in FireRed Pokemon?

Yes, Team Rocket is on the top floor of the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

Is there a Pokemon game where you play as team rocket?

Officially, no. But there are some fan games/ROM hacks that have you play as Team Rocket; some good examples are Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition (a hack of Red) and Pokemon Rocket Strike (a hack of FireRed).