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Team rocket has a woobat that they caught in the third or fourth (or second ;) ) episode.

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Q: What Pokemon do Team Rocket have in the Unova Show?
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Can you join team rocket on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't join team rocket in Pokemon diamond. Actually team rocket is not on the game

Where is Team rocket in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl Team Rocket aren't the villains, Team Galactic are.

Is there any Pokemon episode where team rocket doesnt show up?

i don't think so

What are team rocket's name in Pokemon?

well there name is team rocket but most of them are ,rocket grunts,

Is team rocket in the Pokemon tower in FireRed Pokemon?

Yes, Team Rocket is on the top floor of the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

Is there a Pokemon game where you play as team rocket?

Officially, no. But there are some fan games/ROM hacks that have you play as Team Rocket; some good examples are Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition (a hack of Red) and Pokemon Rocket Strike (a hack of FireRed).

Where do you find Team Rocket after you defeat them in the Ice Cave in Pokemon?

Team Rocket's Warehouse

Where is team rocket bass Pokemon soulsliver?

The team rocket base is in Mahogany town.

In Pokemon pearl what does team galatic do after you defeat their boss on spear peak?

Team Rocket Team Rocket

Can you use cut on team rocket in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can use the ability Cut on Team Rocket. Since it is an HM, you can use it as a Pokemon move. All Pokemon moves can be used against Team Rocket in battle.

What is Team Rocket?

team rocket is a bunch of bad guys team rocket is a ruleing group we have 4 groups in Pokemon team aqua team magma team rocket and all have different goals team rocket is in the kanto region and a boy got rid of team rocket 3 years ago team rocket dream is to rule the world which will never happen :) team rocket always never gets away with it everyone knows that so i guess team rocket will never make the goal team rocket might seem cool but there a bunch of losers so team rocket takes Pokemon and attacks places in Pokemon and wants to rule the world hope this helps. :) -darkarimaster- dark type Pokemon champion

Which episode of Pokemon did team rocket kill a Pokemon?

None of them. It's a show marketed to children, so we can't have full-blown deaths going on.