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just wait 5-10 secs and press "skip ad" in upper right corner :)

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Q: Why does adfly keep popping up when you try to download a mod for Minecraft?
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How do you transfer VIP on Minecraft to another computer?

All you do is download the launcher on here: Then, you login and your account will be there. Keep in mind, your server list and worlds won't be there unless you transfer them manually.

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download minecraft forge, open it up and keep forge as is and hit ok, then find a mod, download the jar, and locate your minecraft folder go to mods folder, open that up and drag the mod jar into the folder and enjoy your mod. P.S. go to edit profile on minecraft launcher page and go to: use version, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the forge thing and then hit play and enjoy your mod.

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There is a plugin called World Guard that can do both. Look at related links for its download page.

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well there is a mod for that or you can download too many items and there is a botton on the left where you can save your inventory so if you die you will have your stuff by clicking that button

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Go to Start -> Run -> type %appdata% Delete the folder titled: .minecraft Go to wherever you keep the Minecraft launcher (The icon is the block of dirt) and run it! It will re-download the files, fresh and new. [Beware though; deleting the .minecraft folder will REMOVE all your worlds, servers, texture packs, screenshots, mods etc.]

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Yes. Download the 1.2.5 JAR then replace the minecraft.jar files. Make sure to keep the 12w24a JAR.

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