Why does Sega hate Nintendo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sega doesn't hate Nintendo, but, in the 80s-90s, they did have a little rivalry, and people have to choose between which console to buy, Nintendo's console, or Sega's console. Now, Nintendo has let Sega use Mario and many other Mario characters in a few different Mario and Sonic Olympic crossovers.

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Q: Why does Sega hate Nintendo?
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Why Mario and Sonic?

I know, SEGA used to hate nintendo. Sega just turned into a big softie after the dreamcast.

Which company is better Sega or Nintendo?

Nintendo because they've always made more money and games. Then Sega ended up making games for Nintendo.

Does Sega work with Nintendo?

In some games such as Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games,winter games and at the London 2012 yes they do.But they don't work together to create games such as Samba De Amigo,Mario party 8,Nights:Journey into dreams and any pokemon games.

Why do Mario and Sonic hate each other?

They don't. SEGA and Nintendo used to hate each other in the 90's, but not anymore. No one said sega and nintendo both hated eachother ever. what are you talking about. And as for sonic and mario, they havent ever met unless your reffering to sonic and mario at the olymipic games, then no they don't hate eachother....... Just rivals

Who got it right?

Nintendo got it right, not Sega

Is Sonic from Nintendo or Sega?

Sonic is a Sega creation and was for a long time the major rival for Nintendo's Mario.

Did Nintendo buy sega?


What game system was first Nintendo or Sega?

Surprisingly Nintendo

Is the Nintendo nes or Sega genisis?

people commonly refer to the "Nintendo Entertainment System", Nintendo's first video game system as the NES. The Sega Genesis was Sega's second video game system (second outside of Japan anyway) following the Sega Master System.

Who is a former Nintendo rival?


Which corporation owns the most companies?

disney or universal, disney owns EVERYBODY, even sega or nintendo, but nintendo and sega must of kicked disney's a**.

Is there a rivalry between Sega and Nintendo?

From 1989 to 1996, SEGA and Nintendo were at each others throats. After SEGA left the hardware business in 1999-2000 holiday season, Nintendo agreed to let them help the design games. They recently released a couple games for the PC.