Why do Mario and Sonic hate each other?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They don't. SEGA and Nintendo used to hate each other in the 90's, but not anymore.

No one said sega and nintendo both hated eachother ever. what are you talking about. And as for sonic and mario, they havent ever met unless your reffering to sonic and mario at the olymipic games, then no they don't hate eachother....... Just rivals

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thanks this really thought me alot

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Q: Why do Mario and Sonic hate each other?
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Do Sonic and Mario hate each other?

No, they are both heroes. Their parent companies hated each other back in the 90's, but that's water under the bridge.

Does Sonic hate Mario?

No there friendly rivals.

Does shadow hate sonic?

Sonic and Shadow are rivals so they don't always get along. They possibly don't like each other, but they probably don't hate each other either.

Why do Sonic and Knuckles hate each other?

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Does Mario hate luigi?

NO becuse they love each other and did not cheat on there girlfriends

Do the chaotix hate sonic and if yes why?

Knuckles is not a bad guy but a rival of sonic and The others like him.

Does scourge the hedgehog care for Sonic the Hedgehog?

he used to care a little bit,but now they hate each other

Does blaze love tails?

yes she loves tails sonic shadow silver knukles and she killed Mario!!!!!! i hate Mario he sucks balls!!

Why does Sega hate Nintendo?

Sega doesn't hate Nintendo, but, in the 80s-90s, they did have a little rivalry, and people have to choose between which console to buy, Nintendo's console, or Sega's console. Now, Nintendo has let Sega use Mario and many other Mario characters in a few different Mario and Sonic Olympic crossovers.

Why Mario and Sonic?

I know, SEGA used to hate nintendo. Sega just turned into a big softie after the dreamcast.

Why does wario hate Mario?

Wario hates Mario because when they were kids Mario use to bully Wario while playing games with each other, but now their relationship has gotten better.

Is it possible to not to hate sonic?

It is not possible to hate sonic. he is unhatable he is god he is life