Why are video games addictive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People probably imagine the game is real life, and they let the game go to their head. I know I do! And they are geeks loool and they have nothing else better to do than make games to kill brain cells

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in Video Games you can do things that you cant do in your everyday life which makes video games truly enjoyable

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Q: Why are video games addictive?
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Is Minecraft very addictive?

In general, yes. However, it will not be addictive to everyone. Some people just do not like video games. Others may like video games, but not this specific game. Others may like video games, but are not addicted to them.

Why video games are addictivie?

Video Games are not addictive at all. Video games are a hobby like any other hobby, and with all hobbies, they can all be addictive. The main reason as to why people think is that video games appeal to a more younger crowd, so it gives them something else to do, and that is all they do.

What are the top 10 most addictive video games in 2012?

Dark Souls

Are video games addictive for children?

Well... for me yes! not sure about other children

Do video games kill your brains cells?

No they do not. They do have addictive qualities though, which can be unhealthy.

Why are video games selling well?

Because they are totally freaking addictive. I wouldn't be surprised if you were addicted, too.

What is more addictive Televions computers or video games?

Television; almost the whole world watches it every day.

When was Addictive Games created?

Addictive Games was created in 1982.

What percentage of people are addictive to video games?

To estimate about eh 95% of gamers are addicted to video games and I am in this category. The other 5% are people who buy games and don't play it at all or stop playing after level 2.

How do you prevent kleptomaniac?

I am one. To be honest, there's no stopping it. Like smoking or playing video games, it's an addictive habit.

Is YoVille addictive?

All games can be addictive if you enjoy them.

Why online games are addictive?

it mmy be addictive. not for u, only babies. you can