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Some are addictive so they play the whole day, And the other ones play 2hours/1hour

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Q: How many hours per day do people play video games?
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How many people build video games?

42 people bulid other video games but the people which build ben 10 video games is 34

Can video games hurt your mind?

No. Video games will give you a headache and may ruin your eyes if played for many hours.

Are violent video games appropriate?

Of coure there is violence in video games! Many video games have violence in it, including call of duty.

How many people by video games?

millions of people

How many hours of video games does the average American play?


How many hours do teens play video games?

All day

How many hours a week does the average child play video games?

3 hours a day

Is playing too many video games considered an addiction?

well not playing too many video games isn't an addiciton, its when you play for hours stright

How many hours do children play video games?

Some sites usually say that children play video games about an hour a day.

How many hours a day should a child play video games?

Less then two hours a day

How many hours weekly should an 8 year old play video games?

16 hours

How many hours a day should a child be playing video games?

I heard that your child is only supposed to play video games or be on the computer 1 or 2 hours a day so i i let my children play on it for 2 hours:)